Sollux - Mobile Sunless Tanning
How To Care for Your Tan
We want you to get the most out of your new Sollux Sunless Tan. Below are some Spray Tan Tips that will ensure you have a beautiful long lasting tan.  
After You Tan:
Wear loose fitting clothing after your sunless tan is applied.  There is cosmetic bronzer in the solution that may rub off slightly onto your clothes or bed sheets if you go to bed without showering.  The bronzer will wash out.
Don't sit directly on leather or light colored fabric right after your session. It is best to sit on a cloth or towel.
Don't exercise or get wet until after your post tan shower. Avoid water altogether until your first shower.  We recommend you wait at least 8-12 hours before showering, washing hands, exercising or experiencing any excessive sweating after your tanning session.
When you do take your first shower you will notice the cosmetic bronzer will wash off.  Don't worry it is not your tan washing off.  By the time you shower your tan has already fully developed. 
Always use a mild shower gel instead of bar soap.  We do sell a body wash that is developed for use with a spray tan.  You will want to apply your body wash with your hand.  Do not use a wash cloth or loofah.  It is very important to take showers instead of a bath.  Baths can accelerate exfoliation and fade your tan.
After showering make sure you dry off by patting your body dry.  Rubbing your skin will cause your skin to exfoliate faster.
Do apply moisturizer, morning and evening. Hydrated skin makes your tan last longer.  Not only do we sell a daily moisturizer but we also sell a tan extender lotion.  A tan extender lotion has some DHA in it to extend the life of your tan.
Refrain from soaking in a Jacuzzi or pool.  The chemicals in a jacuzzi and pools can cause your tan to fade faster.
Right now you are looking hot with a healthy tan that will not prematurely age your skin or cause cancer. When you are ready to remove your tan, you can do so by taking a hot shower or soaking in a bath and exfoliating with a wash cloth or loofah. 
Don't exfoliate until your tan has faded completely. Exfoliating will make your skin appear blotchy.
After your tan has faded or you have removed your tan, call Sollux again to get that safe healthy tan back that you love and deserve!!
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